How do I know when I’m ready for a hearing aid?

How do I know when I’m ready for a hearing aid?

Signs you may need a hearing aid.

When you:

  1. Often ask people to repeat themselves
  2. Feel most people mumble or don’t annunciate
  3. Miss much off the conversation around the dinner table
  4. Miss much of the dialogue in movies/TV People often ask you to turn down the radio/TV
  5. Have difficulty understanding what is said in restaurants/bars/houses of worship/public spaces/large groups
  6. Have difficulty what is said over the phone/people tell you that you shout into the phone when speaking
  7. Find yourself becoming socially withdrawn or feel socially isolated from not participating in conversation
  8. Find that you are not catching all the words in conversation, most often with children or people who have higher pitched voices
  9. Notice that you are unable to hear the doorbell, the phone ring, a horn honk, or you find you cannot hear sounds in nature like water lapping, waves crashing, or birds singing
  10. You may feel strained, exhausted, or develop a headache after trying to hear simple dinner conversation.

Hearing aids can help in all these areas. And while they are not a “cure,” they can significantly assist in everyday hearing environments and reduce the tension inherent in these situations. Hearing loss is progressive. Early treatment is the best action to take to prevent consequences of hearing loss which can include cognitive decline, social isolation, and increased stress.

And this is exactly our focus at HearingAssist. Our business model was developed to specifically target this population. We offer a high quality, highly effective early treatment. We offer hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. We are the top selling hearing aid brand on and sold in Walmart retail stores in TX, NC, CO, AZ, and TN in both the Pharmacy and Optical departments. And there are reasons why we are #1, just ask the hundreds of thousands of customers we have served over the last 12 years. Our focus is on quality and accessibility. We have structured our business model to heavily invest in research and development finding ways to procure the most innovative technology to create the most effective, cost effective products on the market. We have the very best in customer service and can answer any question you have about hearing aid model and suitability. Check us out at to find out more or call us at 1-800-700-HEAR (4327)